Robin Rosen Chang


Beyond this ledge    a plateau              rippling stone cones and spires                                       capped in flat rock                                                    rows of pink and orange                                                             one behind the next                                                                              like lines           of soldiers  I think about you, fatherstanding at attention, hand raised         peaked white cap                    officer       military intelligence                                                                                            airborne                             I knew   almost […]

Great Green Macaw  

Garnish of world, flourish        of medieval manuscripts, you prance, one foot lifted,        head held high, through goldand silver swirls. Bedecked        company to kings and queens, chanter of wild entreaties—        wings slathered turquoise, orange-splashed, and scarlet,        you cross empires and seas, flyto forests deciduous. You caw and squawk        quick-witted cries. Oh, […]

The Fig Leaf

Only two of them thereand a menagerie: spider monkeys leapingbetween trees, lions sleeping,peacocks flaunting gaudy featherswith eyes, the snakewho’d seen it all, now preoccupiedwith the disappearance of its feet.Why would Adam and Evebother fashioning leaveswhen plump purple orbshung beneath begging to be eaten?Adam’s mouth, moist with hunger—he took the first bite, chewed slowlyin the beginning, marveledhow […]


My mother’s arm reaches                        out of the water                             and slides back in. Then the other arm. Repeatedly,                        they appear and disappear                                   as they move her through the turbulent ocean.                                             She’s swimming diagonal to the shoreline,                          almost like someone             caught in a riptide.                     But she’s not. She’s going calmly—      of her own […]

On My Mind

Not things that float—moon, jellyfish, dust in sunbeam, skins of ice, skim on warm milk, waftsof cilantro, sound of o inside your mouth, but things that curl—sheep’s wool, seahorse                                    tail, doublehelix strand, three-banded                              armadillo, toes                                                    in mud, your                                                                            breath on cold nights,and pulse—hummingbird wings, banana leaves  in monsoon rain, high tide, cloverleaf quasars, echo-cardiogram […]